Form No Form Name Link
1  Declaration Form
 Overlapping Course and Extra Single Course Request at Graduation Level Form
3  Double Major Admission Control Form
4  Course Assignment Table
5  Course Adaptation Petition
6  Course Adaptation Form
7  Make-up Course Form
8  General Petition Example
9  Fee Refund Form
10  Request for Leave (Freeze Registration)
11  KInternal Transfer Control Form (with Grade Point Average)
12  Inter-institutional (with Grade Point Average) Horizontal Transfer Control Form
13  Make-up Exam Request Form
14  Excused Course Registration Request Form
15  Student ID Request Form
16  Student Information System User Request and Authorization Form
17  Student Information System Web Service Request and Authorization Form
18  Special Student Application Petition (From Another University to Our University)
19  Special Student Application Petition (For Graduates)
20  Special Student Application Petition (From Our University to Another University)
21  Passport Fee Exemption Form
22  Exam Material Error Correction Form
23  Objection Form to Exam Result
24  Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees Student and Employer Information Form
25  Single Course Request Form
26  Minor Control Form
27  Summer School Course Application Form
28  New Course Recommendation Form
29  Summer School Fee Refund Form