Forms and Petitions

General Forms

Final Registration Form G_1
Consultant Preference Form G_2
Graduate Course Submission Form (Student Petition) G_3
Graduate Course Submission Form (For Adjustment Commission) G_4
Co-Advisor Suggestion Form G_5
Advisor Change Form G_6
Military Service Transactions Form G_7
Special Student Application Form G_8
Deregistration Petition G_9
Consultancy Status Form in Case of Assignment Abroad G_10
Course Recommendation Form G_11
Lesson Compensation Form G_12
Fee Return Form G_13
Registration Freeze Petition G_14
Course Request Form from Different Higher Education Institution G_15
Scientific Publication Condition Statement Form G_16
Required Document Submission Form for Graduation G_17
Grade Correction Form G_18
Course Exemption Petition G_19
Thesis Writing Rules Compliance Report G_20
Horizontal Transfer Application Form G_21
Student Service Passport Request Form G_22
Make-up Exam Request G_23


Non-Thesis Master’s Related Forms

Term Project Defense Jury Proposal Form TYL_1
Term Project Defense Exam Success Report TYL_2
Term Project Originality Declaration Form TYL_3
Term Project Advisor Opinion Form TYL_4


Forms Related to Master with Thesis

Seminar Announcement Form YL_1
Seminar Evaluation Form YL_2
Thesis Subject Notification Form YL_3
Thesis Defense Jury Proposal Form YL_4
Thesis Advisor Opinion Form YL_5
Thesis Originality Declaration Form YL_6
Thesis Defense Exam Question Report YL_7
Thesis Defense Success Report YL_8
Thesis Data Entry Form Yl_9
Thesis Restriction Request Form YL_10


Ph.D. Related Forms

Seminar Announcement Form DR_1
Seminar Evaluation Form DR_2
Application Petition for Ph.D. Qualifying Exam DR_3
Doctoral Qualifying Exam Jury Suggestion Form DR_4
Doctoral Qualifying Exam Oral Question Report DR_5
Doctoral Qualifying Exam Jury Report DR_6
Doctoral Qualifying Exam Committee Report DR_7
Thesis Monitoring Committee Suggestion Form DR_8
Thesis Proposal Defense Report DR_9
Thesis Monitoring and Evaluation Report DR_10
Thesis Defense Exam Jury Suggestion Form DR_11
Thesis Advisor Opinion Form DR_12
Declaration of Thesis Originality DR_13
Thesis Defense Exam Oral Question Report DR_14
Thesis Defense Exam Success Report DR_15
Graduation Thesis Data Entry Form DR_16
Thesis Restriction Request Form DR_17