Institutional Academic Archive


What is Bursa Technical University Academic Archive System?





Bursa Technical University Academic Archive System refers to the archive system that covers all academic studies carried out by the members of the university while they are working at the university and that are directly or indirectly supported by Bursa Technical University and that stores these studies in accordance with copyrights.


In the content of Bursa Technical University Academic Archive System; open course materials, papers and presentations, articles published in scientific journals, chapters in the book, books, patent documents, project studies, reports, seminar texts, technical notes, articles in the publication stage, scientific studies such as master's and doctoral theses can be found.





What Does an Academic Archive Do?


  • It enables the scientific studies coming out of the institution to be gathered under one roof
  • It increases the impact of research by enabling information sources to reach wider audiences
  • It increases the visibility of studies in national and international indexes.
  • The visibility of the university is increased.
  • Increasing visibility affects the use of sources and the number of citations it can receive.



What is the Purpose of the Academic Archive?


It aims to create an academic memory system by gathering the scientific studies of the institution, to make its content accessible at international standards in accordance with copyrights, and to measure the academic performance of the institution. On the other hand, it aims to eliminate the problems that limit the dissemination of information, to create a new system by making use of the opportunities of information technology, to provide better recognition of the university and its employees, to mediate it to the forefront in ranking systems and thus to increase its prestige.





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